Residential Feature List

Residential Features

So what are some of the great features you get with VoIP that help make life easier? We include all of these features at no additional cost. Take advantage of these premium features other companies like to charge for.

Blocked Caller ID name? Blocked call. This feature allows you to block all callers that do not provide their caller ID.

Nomorobo stops unwanted telemarketers and robocalls from reaching your phone. With over 7,194,407 calls filtered, it's a perfect solution to have a better, safer phone service. Included with your Residential VoIP service.

Call Screening enables you to have all of your incoming calls screened to verify that they are a real person and not a robocaller. This filter helps reduce the amount of spam calls you will receive on your line by having the party calling Press 5 on their keypad before they are able to connect and ring your home phone.

Only receive calls from a specified list of phone numbers.

Block calls from phone numbers you specify. Blacklisted callers will receive an automated message informing them their number has been blocked. Your phone will not ring when they call.

Control your calls in different ways now. Ring your home phone and mobile phones any way you choose, including your choice of which voicemail picks up if there is no answer.

Never worry about playing 'dead air' again. It's the little things that add up.

Send a PDF document to a real fax number from our online member interface.

Receive all your received faxes as a PDF. Receive calls or receive faxes, your number can do both. *$4.95/month charge for the Value, Unlimited, and World Unlimited plans; included with any of our Premier plans (call for more information).

Redirect certain phone numbers to another phone number, or even straight to voicemail.

If you have more than one phone number on your account, you can configure your outgoing Caller ID to display one of your virtual numbers instead!

Standard feature. Fully included.

Standard feature. Fully included.

Turn on this feature to have all of your calls go straight to voicemail.

If you have more than one phone number on your account, this setting will let you know the number the party called to reach you.

Restrict your Nationwide plan from making International calls. If you're on our International plan, use this setting to ensure you are only connecting to destinations covered by your plan.

Standard feature. Fully included.

Schedule a time to receive an automated call to your phone.

Review your inbound and outbound call history, as well as total minute usage by Month and Year.

Each extension can have their own unique mailbox. There are 4 ways to check your voicemail!

  1. Directly from your phone
  2. From the ‘Online Member Center’ provided to you.
  3. Our feature ‘Voicemail to Email’ will email the voicemail to you.
  4. From a remote access number so you can check voicemails from another line like a cell phone.

Order additional phone numbers anywhere in the US & Canada. Great for friends and family! *$2.95/month.